Data acquisition and monitoring

We use a variety of innovative methods to carry out species-specific surveys and biotope mappings in marine, limnic and terrestrial areas.

Onshore, offshore and aerial surveys

Profound surveys of the flora and fauna inventory are essential for environmental planning, impact assessments and research projects.

Our professional focus is on birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles. Further areas are covered in cooperation with our partners.


  • Ship-based transect surveys to record resting and migrating birds and marine mammals in the North and Baltic Seas
  • Radar and visual surveys as well as night-time recording of flight calls on- and offshore
  • Acoustical monitoring of marine mammals using different passive acoustic devices (C-PODs, WDS)
  • Visual aerial surveys
  • Digital aerial surveys of marine mammals and birds (HiDef)
  • Drone-based aerial surveys and 3D terrain models
  • Visual surveys of birds and harbour porpoises
  • Use of professional laser rangefinders to create 3D flight sequences
  • Bat surveys using detectors, bat recording boxes and continuous detection systems
  • Breeding and resting bird as well as bird migration surveys throughout Europe
  • Telemetric monitoring
  • Automated AI-based detection of wind farm-sensitive bird species in the area around wind turbines

Reference projects