Ecological Research and Consulting

Founded in 1998 as independent ecological research and consulting company, BioConsult SH is an interdisciplinary team of natural scientists.

Our work is focused on environmental expert reports, protection concepts and feasibility studies including the required field work and data acquisition.

Our work – projects

Open moorland landscape with forest in the background.


Disused railway tracks, overgrown by plants.

Temporary nature

A wind turbine on a meadow in early spring. Around the wind turbine there are poles about 1 metre high to which short red and white fluttering tapes are attached.

Environmental construction supervision at Uelvesbüll wind farm

 Red-throated diver in winter plumage.

Telemetry of divers – DiverLog

Fehmarn­belt­ Fixed Link

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Probabilistics – a pilot study

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Mussel monitoring

Seal monitoring

Drone image of a colony of gulls on an island in the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea.

APIS – Aerial Photogrammetric Integrative Surveys

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Hazel dormouse mapping and concepts for measures

The high seat, a small black house on a small trailer that stands on rails.

Predator management in the Wadden Sea

Action for insects in Borde­lum and Langen­horn

Norgaardholz pleasure pier


 Marine litter washed up on a beach in Greenland.

Remote sensing surveys of plastic litter in the Arctic

Wind energy use in the Mediterranean – PHAROS4MPAS

Flying red kite.

Project red kite SH

Southern right whale survey in the South Pacific

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Water legislation assessment concerning dredging

Feasibility study on oyster farming

Conser­vation and restoration of moist and wet dune slacks

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Heath­land develop­ment measures

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Species-specific effectiveness of bird flight diverters

Telemetric monitoring of eagle owls

Effective­ness of mitigation measures to reduce the effects of wind turbines on birds

Promoting biodiversity

[Translate to English:] Luftaufnahme einer Rammplattform für Offshore-Windenergieanlagen, die von einem doppelten Blasenschleier umgeben wird.

Hydroschall – underwater noise emissions

[Translate to English:] Pril auf Hallig Hooge, im Hintergrund Warften mit Häusern.

Climate change and birds breeding on the Halligen

Decline of the common buzzard

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