Environmental impacts of dredging on common eiders

A recent publication describes an individual-based model analysing the influence of the construction of the Fehmarnbelt Fixed link on the nutritional…

BioConsult SH participates in the 34th Conference of the European Cetacean Society

From 16 to 20 April 2023, our colleagues Julika Voß, Karoline Hots and Alexander Schubert participated in this year's 34th conference of the European…

First drone surveys for APIS project

Two drones standing in a salt marsh.

In the APIS (Aerial Photogrammetric Integrative Surveys) project, drone-based species and habitat mapping is tested in the Wadden Sea National Park…

BioConsult SH compensates greenhouse gas emissions

A small area of green peat moss in a bog.

To compensate for our carbon dioxide emissions over the last year, we have chosen the "MoorFutures" programme.

SPACEWHALE wins @UpLink World Economic Forum Ocean Data Challenge

We are excited that UpLink announced our service SPACEWHALE as a winner of the Ocean Data Challenge at the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting in…

Webinar "Detecting and Monitoring Marine Megafauna from Space"

SPACEWHALE team member Julika Voß has presented the service in a webinar of the Decade Collaborative Center for the NE Pacific.

Federal government funds BioConsult SHs new drone project "APIS"

Six people stand next to each other, three of them holding a flight drone in their hands.

A research centre for civilian drone applications will be developed on a former military airfield In Leck in North Frisia.

Nine chapters of the Wadden Sea Quality Status Report (QSR) revised

[Translate to English:] Wattlandschaft. Im Vordergrund ein Wattwurmhaufen, im Hintergrund gegen den Horizont unscharf eine Gruppe von Wattwanderern.

What is the ecological status of the Wadden Sea? BioConsult SH has edited several chapters of the Wadden Sea Quality Status Report.

Funding decision for the project "Kiek Ma" handed over by Minister Dirk Schrödter

Eight people stand side by side in a room in front of a screen, the two people in the middle jointly hold a letter up to the camera.

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly important in the processing of large amounts of image data.

Three ecological research and consulting offices form European alliance

BioConsult SH is pleased to announce its merger with Biotope, the leading provider of ecological surveys in France.

Deep-sea mining and the conse­quences for the environ­ment

[Translate to English:]

Our colleague Stefan Bräger recently co-authored a scientific publication on "Evaluating the quality of environmental baselines for deep seabed…

We welcome Thilo Liesenjohann as managing director

Dr. Thilo Liesenjohann stands in front of the company sign of BioConsult SH.

From 1 July 2022, Dr. Thilo Liesenjohann is managing director and shareholder of BioConsult SH GmbH& Co.KG and will manage the company together with…

SPACEWHALE on television

Mapping whales from space – our SPACEWHALE team on television.

SPACEWHALE wins international technology challenge

Four people stand in front of the company sign of BioConsult SH.

The SPACEWHALE service developed by BioConsult SH and HiDef Aerial Surveying Ltd. wins the GRAVITY Challenge, a global technology innovation programme…

BioConsult SH featured on "nano" - Automatic shutdown systems for collision avoidance on wind turbines

In a report for the programme "nano" on 3Sat, our colleagues Esther Clausen and Dr Thilo Liesenjohann explain the functional principle of AVES -…

DiverLog – BioConsult SH launches new project on divers

 Red-throated diver in winter plumage.

In the DiverLog project, BioConsult SH investigates the influence of offshore wind farms on the behaviour and the population of the red-throated…

Study on the comparability of different radar systems used for bird migration surveys

Radar screen with bird signals.

How can nocturnal bird migration be monitored at sea? A BioConsult SH study compares migration intensities determined based on different types of…

Project red kite SH

Four red kites in their nest. Two young birds and two adults.

In the "Project red kite SH", BioConsult SH and other project partners are investigating the red kite population in a selected region in…

Taking action against the loss of insect populations

A hoverfly sitting in a yellow flower.

The neighbouring municipalities Bordelum and Langenhorn in the district of Northern Frisia have initiated the project “Insect-friendly model…

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