For democracy and solidarity


BioConsult SH stands for an open, diverse society. We oppose all attempts to jeopardise our democracy.

Poster graphic with a call for a demonstration against the right on 27.01.2024 in Husum.

BioConsult SH is a diverse and multilingual company with employees from 15 different nationalities or cultural backgrounds. We in other words are a perfectly normal German company. As such, we stand for an open and diverse society that does not accept any form of discrimination. This is the basis for our democracy and the basis for our company as well as our social life on the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein and in all democratic countries in which we do business.

We oppose all attempts to jeopardise our democracy and our society and support the call for solidarity, democracy and togetherness.

Next weekend, there will again be demonstrations against right-wing extremism and in favour of democracy all over Germany. See you in Husum!