Mission statement

Our Mission

As an ecologically oriented research and consulting company, BioConsult SH plays an important role in reconciling use and protection of valuable natural areas.

As a medium-sized company based in Schleswig-Holstein, we provide our services and expertise both regionally and globally in the form of advice, expert reports, studies, concepts and planning. Our team of experts and national as well as international co-operations make us a pioneer and market leader for innovative solutions in the ecological sector.

Our scientific orientation is the basis for our independent consultancy and characterises the BioConsult SH brand.

Our corporate culture

We as a team at BioConsult SH share a common vision and are committed to playing our part in protecting nature and the environment. We achieve this through shared awareness, appreciative interaction, motivation for our task and confidence in our abilities. Shared growth is a core component of our success.

As a reliable employer, we want to provide all employees with a healthy, safe, flexible and family-friendly working environment. Employees are our most valuable asset and a central focus of our decisions. In this respect, every person is equal and equally important to us.

Our vision

We are driven by the passion for innovative ideas and projects as well as the further development of methods and technology. We want to conduct independent research and dedicate our development to contribute to the challenges of climate change as well as attract attention to issues relevant to nature conservation. Our work actively contributes to reconciling progress and the environment.

Sustainable action is self-evident for us. Thus, as a company and as a team, we want to use resources consciously and act responsibly both in our work and in our daily behaviour.

Based on work that we enjoy and that delivers high-quality results, we want to continue to grow in order to ensure an environmentally compatible development of our planet.

Finding future-oriented answers to ecological questions is our passion.

Our vision sees BioConsult SH as a recognised specialist for ecological research projects and data collection – always at the cutting edge of science.

Last updated: 04.07.2023