Environmental construction supervision at Uelvesbüll wind farm

In 2022, BioConsult SH carried out the environmental construction supervision at the Uelvesbüll wind farm on Eiderstedt, focussing on the protection of breeding birds and amphibians.

Environmental construction supervision for the protection of birds and amphibians

During the construction of wind farms during the breeding season, environmental construction supervision will ensure that no violations of species protection legislation occur by, for example, making sure that no bird nests are destroyed.

During the construction and erection of four wind turbines in Uelvesbüll in North Frisia between April and June, environmental construction supervision ensured that conflicts with species protection legislation, i.e. prohibitions under Section 44 BNatSchG, regarding breeding birds and amphibians were avoided.

Breeding birds

The following measures were taken to avoid conflicts with breeding birds:

  • During the construction period, breeding birds were deterred from the affected area. For this purpose, poles with fluttering tapes were set up and checked weekly for proper working order.
  • During the checks, existing spoil heaps were examined for clutches or breeding attempts and attention was paid to possible breeding behaviour of birds in the affected area.
  • After additional consultation with the higher nature conservation agency (Obere Naturschutzbehörde), the nest of a pair of oystercatchers on spoil heaps at the construction site was relocated in accordance with professional standards.


To ensure the protection of amphibians, potential spawning waters were examined for spawn. During environmental construction monitoring, these waters were later sampled for juveniles using a landing net.

The protection of breeding birds and amphibians on the construction site was successfully implemented. This was not least a result of the smooth communication with the authorities, the responsible planning office (Cimbergy) and the construction site management on site.

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