A bush pilot on a mission for nature conservation


Jaime Dias has been surveying wild animals in Africa from his aircraft for more than 10 years. He now paid a visit to BioConsult SH in Husum and talked about his work.

Jaime Dias and BioConsult SH Managing Director Dr. Georg Nehls stand in front of a screen showing an aerial view of elephants.

Jaime Dias, here with BioConsult SH managing director Dr Georg Nehls, talked about his work as a pilot in Africa.

Since 2023, BioConsult SH Research and Conservation gGmbH, a non-profit organisation that promotes nature conservation and environmental protection projects, is supporting Wings for Conservation.

Jaime Dias is a conservationist, pilot and founder of the NGO “Wings for Conservation”. Born in Portugal, he came to Africa more than ten years ago. Since then, he has been flying his 60-year-old Cessna for conservation projects in Chad, Mali and, more recently, Mozambique.

One focus of this work is on surveying large wild animals such as elephants, giraffes and rhinos as well as gazelles and antelopes. The animals are counted and mapped from the aircraft using cameras and GPS. In Chad, for example, Jaime accompanied reintroduction projects for oryx antelopes or the endangered dama gazelles.

The detection of illegal activities such as poaching or illegal grazing is also best carried out from the air in these impassable areas. The observations help to coordinate the activities of ranger teams on site.

The avoidance of human-animal conflicts is an important issue in Africa and one of Jaime's fields of work. An example is the detection of herds of elephants near settlements or farms. This helps to take timely action to redirect the animals if necessary.

We wish Jaime continued success in his work and always a safe landing.