New non-fiction book for children and teenagers on 600 different insect species in our gardens


Our colleague Dr Armin Rose has written a book for children and teenagers about insects, spiders and other creepy-crawly creatures in the garden.

Book cover front of the book "600 cool crawlers" showing several insects.

Springtails, hymenoptera, fleas and mites – countless small animals crawl through our gardens. But how to tell the difference between centipedes and millipedes again?

Armin Rose has written a book for younger and older researchers that answers this and many other questions. In speech bubbles, the little creatures themselves tell about their likes and concerns, sometimes objectively and sometimes rather cheekily.

The more than 800 macro photographs in the book were also taken by the author. As a passionate nature photographer, he has, among others, already published in DER SPIEGEL, the Guardian and the FAZ.

BioConsult SH is supporting the publication. The book is published by KJM Buchverlag, Hamburg.