BioConsult SH at the 7th Conference on Wind energy and Wildlife impacts (CWW)


Theme of this year's international CWW in Croatia was a nature-compatible further development of on- and offshore wind energy use.

Exhibition stand of Bioconsult SH, HiDef Aerial Surveying Ltd and Biotope. In the background are posters of the three companies with bird motifs.

Along with HiDef and Biotope, BioConsult SH presented current research results and projects at the CWW 2023.

At the conference, our colleagues presented current research results and projects of BioConsult SH.

Jan Blew gave a talk on pilot project Probialistics within the framework of a workshop on collision risk models and as part of the lecture series “Dealing with uncertainty in wind energy and biodiversity assessments”.

Esther Clausen presented the AVES system with a poster. AVES is a solution to automatically detect and identify birds on species level. One of the possible applications is to avoid bird collisions with wind turbines.

Also with a poster, Karoline Hots presented results on harbour porpoise displacement effects of the still little used vibro pile driving method and ship noise during the construction of an offshore wind farm.

Furthermore, there was plenty of opportunity for professional exchange and getting to know each other at the joint stand of BioConsult SH, HiDef Aerial Surveying Ltd and Biotope.

We are already looking forward to the next CWW in 2025, which will be organised by our partner Biotope and will take place in France.

Clausen, E., Liesenjohann, T., Paul, J., Manoharan, S., Rassmann, T. & Nehls, G. (2023)

AVES (Automatic VErification System) - An automatic AI-based bird identification system to reduce mortality risks by collision and down time of wind turbines

7th Conference on Wind Energy and Wildlife impacts (CWW) (2023)