BioConsult SH compensates greenhouse gas emissions


To compensate for our carbon dioxide emissions over the last year, we have chosen the "MoorFutures" programme.

A small area of green peat moss in a bog.

Peat mosses (Sphagnum spec.)

Avoiding carbon dioxide emissions is the best way to keep a carbon dioxide footprint as small as possible. At BioConsult SH we strive to keep emissions of this greenhouse gas as low as we can in our daily work and to continually reduce these amounts. However, the production of carbon dioxide can sometimes be unavoidable – one way to address this can be to buy carbon certificates to compensate for the emissions.

Compensating for unavoidable emissions is not easy and many programmes have recently come under criticism. We have chosen the “MoorFutures” carbon certificates, which are used to finance projects for the renaturation of peatlands.

Rewetting peatlands not only stops carbon dioxide emissions from land degradation, but also initiates a long-term build-up of a new carbon store and restores a valuable habitat on top of that.