BioConsult SH featured on "nano" - Automatic shutdown systems for collision avoidance on wind turbines


In a report for the programme "nano" on 3Sat, our colleagues Esther Clausen and Dr Thilo Liesenjohann explain the functional principle of AVES - Automatic Bird Detection System - which was co-developed by BioConsult SH.

How can species protection and wind power be reconciled? The 3Sat programme "nano" explores this question in a series of short films. Our colleagues Esther Clausen and Thilo Liesenjohann are also appearing. They explain the AVES system - Automatic Bird Detection System - co-developed by BioConsult SH.

The system detects and tracks flying birds, which are determined based on various characteristics at species level with the help of modern camera technology and artificial intelligence. At the same time, flight direction and speed are also determined. With the available data, wind turbines can be briefly switched off in real time when a sensitive bird species such as the red kite, white-tailed eagle, black stork, or white stork approaches. This significantly reduces the number of collisions and minimises the otherwise blanket shutdown times.


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