Offshore monitoring

We accompany your offshore project throughout the implementation process in close consultation with construction companies and authorities to ensure smooth proceedings.

Europe-wide environmental monitoring and nature conservation consulting

In the offshore area, our focus is on environmental monitoring of harbour porpoises, birds and bats. National and international projects are carried out in accordance with the respective official regulations.

In Germany, this includes baseline surveys, monitoring of the construction and operational phase as well as efficiency controls in accordance with StUK4. Our expertise focuses in particular on nature conservation aspects of offshore wind farm projects, installation of submarine cables and expert support of foundation soil preparation activities (i. e., removal of abandoned ammunition).

We carry out feasibility studies, develop investigation and deterrence concepts, collect and evaluate short- and long-term monitoring data on harbour porpoises, birds and bats and assess the results in accordance with nature conservation legislation.

We provide fully trained staff throughout Europe, including all certificates as required by the client.

Our services in detail

  • Development of study concepts
  • Compilation of plan approval documents
    • Environmental impact assessments (EIA)
    • Species protection assessments (ASP)
    • Impact assessments affecting Natura 2000 sites (FFH-VP)
    • Habitat protection assessments
    • Emission studies
    • Water legislation assessments
  • Deterrence concepts
  • Deterrence of harbour porpoises during offshore construction activities
    • Provision of deterrence devices (pinger, SealScarer, APD)
    • Provision of offshore staff
  • Environmental monitoring
    • Provision and service of C-POD/F-POD stations
    • Provision of stationary recording devices
    • Ship-based transect surveys
    • Aerial transect surveys (HiDef digital aerial surveys)
  • Reporting (expert reports and statements)

Reference projects