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Environmental construction supervision

Onshore environmental construction supervision Implementing construction projects outside the breeding season and migration times of amphibians is not always possible. Environmental construction…


Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link – environmental impact assessment

Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link – environmental impact assessment On behalf of Femern A/S, BioConsult SH has accompanied the German plan approval procedure for the construction of the Fehmarnbelt…


Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link – construction monitoring

Femern A/S since 2021 itap GmbH Quiet Oceans Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link – marine environmental construction monitoring As part of a consortium, BioConsult SH is accompanying the construction of…


New study to assess the risk that birds collide with wind turbines

In the study, probabilistic methods were tested to determine the mortality risk of breeding bird species vulnerable to collisions with wind turbines.

Mathias Rausch

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Natascha Petersen

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Sonja Noell

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Dr. Georg Nehls

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Dr. Thilo Liesenjohann

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Ingo Nicolaisen

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