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About us

Nils Hälterlein

Nils Hälterlein n.haelterlein@bioconsult-sh.de +49 (0) 4841 77937 07


Minister for Economic Affairs visits ProTecBird's booth at HUSUM WIND

The Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, Robert Habeck, visited the ProTecBird booth at the HUSUM WIND theme fair.

Heike Büttger

Heike Büttger h.buettger@bioconsult-sh.de +49 (0) 4841 77937 14

Monika Dorsch

Monika Dorsch m.dorsch@bioconsult-sh.de +49 (0) 4841 77937 78

Dirk Renner

Dirk Renner d.renner@bioconsult-sh.de +49 (0) 4841 77937 28

Caroline Höschle

Caroline Höschle c.hoeschle@bioconsult-sh.de +49 (0) 4841 77937 18


Southern right whale survey in the South Pacific

Southern right whale survey in the South Pacific Our SPACEWHALE service detects large whales on satellite imagery. In a study in New Zealand, this method was used to count southern right whales. The…



SPACEWHALE SPACEWHALE is a service providing AI-based detection of large whales in very high-resolution satellite imagery. The method allows monitoring remote and unexplored regions in the high…

Dr. Jorg Welcker

Dr. Jorg Welcker j.welcker@bioconsult-sh.de +49 (0) 4841 77937 39

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