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For democracy and solidarity

BioConsult SH stands for an open, diverse society. We oppose all attempts to jeopardise our democracy.

Natascha Petersen

Natascha Petersen n.petersen@bioconsult-sh.de +49 (0) 4841 77937 37

Ingo Nicolaisen

Ingo Nicolaisen i.nicolaisen@bioconsult-sh.de +49 (0) 4841 77937 88

Christoph Raabe

Christoph Raabe c.raabe@bioconsult-sh.de +49 (0) 4841 77937 126

Renée Meyer

Renée Meyer r.meyer@bioconsult-sh.de +49 (0) 4841 77937 127


Study on the disturbance of harbour porpoises during the construction of offshore wind farms

In two publications, BioConsult SH investigated which deterrent devices are best at keeping harbour porpoises away from offshore construction sites.

Dr. Ann-Kathrin Ziegler

Dr. Ann-Kathrin Ziegler a-k.ziegler@bioconsult-sh.de +49 (0) 4841 77937 128


Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link – construction monitoring

Femern A/S since 2021 itap GmbH Quiet Oceans Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link – marine environmental construction monitoring As part of a consortium, BioConsult SH is accompanying the construction of…


Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link – environmental impact assessment

Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link – environmental impact assessment On behalf of Femern A/S, BioConsult SH has accompanied the German plan approval procedure for the construction of the Fehmarnbelt…


Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link

Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link On behalf of Femern A/S, BioConsult SH accompanies the construction of the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link between the islands of Fehmarn and Lolland. Europe's largest…

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