Environmental planning

Whether in the construction of a harbour mole, a wind farm or a golf course – we provide comprehensive support for all nature conservation and environmental aspects of on- and offshore infrastructure projects.

Survey, analysis and assessment

We develop study concepts, collect and analyse and assess the required data, compile environmental reports and advise and assist clients from all sectors in all stages of the plan approval process.

  • Environmental impact assessments and studies (EIA)
  • Impact assessments and studies affecting Natura 2000 sites (FFH-VP)
  • Intervention regulation
  • Statutory biotope protection
  • Species protection assessments (sAP, AFB)
  • Landscape management plans (LBP)
  • Technical reports under the EU water legislation (WFD, MSFD)
  • Faunistic expert reports
  • Estimate of the potential
  • Plan revision procedures
  • Eco-accounts – concept and application
  • Collection of data prior to, during and after construction measures on on- and offshore wind farms

Reference projects