Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link – marine environmental construction monitoring

As part of a consortium, BioConsult SH is accompanying the construction of the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link in the areas of underwater noise and light management.

Monitoring of underwater noise and light emissions

Environmental construction monitoring serves to prepare, monitor and document the environmental measures relevant to the construction project in order to prevent or mitigate environmental damage at an early stage.

In cooperation with other companies, BioConsult SH has the following tasks:

  • Conceptual design of underwater sound and light emission monitoring of the marine construction site
  • Control and documentation of compliance with measures agreed during plan approval
  • Monitoring of the project-related underwater noise through modelling, accompanying underwater noise measurements at the construction site and source level measurements of dredgers and other project vessels as well as coordination of the monitoring instruments
  • Weekly reports on results of the environmental construction monitoring and further reports on environmental issues of the marine construction site
  • Advising the client on environmental issues in the above-mentioned areas

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